License or certificate?

If you pilot an aircraft, you probably tell friends you have a pilot’s license. Right? Maybe.

What you have now is a pilot’s CERTIFICATEThe FAA issues LICENSES for commercial space transportation.

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Show the world you’re a pilot

ASA’s new “Pilot” T-shirt combines a bright, bold eye-catching font-with-propeller design, and a splash of color to deliver that simple message in sleek and casual style.

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Plotting your course on becoming a pilot

Designed to mimic a true aeronautical chart, ASA’s Plotting Your Course fold-out brochure is loaded with information about how to get a pilot’s license. While this free “chart” should not be used for navigation, it should be used to inspire and inform future pilots that their dreams are within reach, ASA officials note. [Read more...]

Looming pilot shortage threatens GA

What some describe as a coming pilot shortage is already here for others, notes Wichita Business Journal aviation writer Daniel McCoy in a recent blog. “Kansas State University Salina’s professional pilot program is having trouble finding flight instructors,” he writes. “Other flight schools are having trouble making a go of it. And over it all looms the problem of commercial airlines needing an increasing number of pilots, which aggravates the situation in general aviation.”

iLog 2.0 released

Cockpit Apps, a company offering iPad solutions for the cockpit, has released iLOG 2.0, incorporating several new capabilities and enhancements resulting from customer input.

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Young pilot completes solo flight around the world

FRESNO, Calif. — On June 29, Jack Wiegand completed his mission to break the current Guinness World Records title and became the youngest person to fly solo around the world.

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Applications now being taken for summer scholarship program

Applications are now being taken for the Upwind Summer Scholarship Program, which aims to transform a high school student into a licensed private pilot during the summer between their junior and senior year.

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Lessons learned from SC glider incident

After a story about the July 26, 2012, arrest of a glider pilot for flying in unrestricted airspace over a nuclear power plant made waves in the aviation community and beyond recently, an official with the sheriff’s department that made the arrest said in a post at that his department had learned several lessons on how to better respond in the future. Check it out here.

NJ teen earns driver’s permit, soloes on same day

Josh Eichel earned his learner’s permit to drive a car and flew his first solo on the same day in November at Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM). According to a story in the News-Transcript, the Marlboro, N.J., teenager, who had been working toward the solo flight since 8th grade, noted that his Mom thinks flying is less dangerous than driving: “There’s no road to veer off, nobody to crash into and nobody nearby is texting.”

Tuck Air Force survival secrets in your pocket

Designed for use in formal Air Force training, the recently published “U.S. Air Force Pocket Survival Handbook: The Portable and Essential Guide to Staying Alive” was written to help a pilot who finds himself in a hostile environment, offering a comprehensive manual of outdoor survival techniques.

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