Seminole carburator air box mod kit available

Kosola and Associates has developed an FAA approved kit to repair the Piper Seminole (PA-44-180) Carburetor Air Box Assembly. The kit will repair and reinforce the air box assembly to prevent cracking. Cost is $529 plus shipping and can be ordered from Kosola and Associates at 229-435-4119.

Keep your electronics charged

Pilots have plenty of batteries to keep charged these days, from iPads to smartphones to portable ADS-B receivers. Many of these gadgets require special high amp charging devices, and Sporty’s now offers a complete selection of pilot-tested gear to meet these needs.

The Dual 2.1 Amp Cigarette Lighter Adapter [#7565A - $14.95] plugs into any cockpit power plug (12 or 24V) and provides two high amp USB ports. It’s ideal for charging an iPad and Stratus at the same time.

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Master today’s sophisticated cockpits

The new FAA Advanced Avionics Handbook provides general aviation users with comprehensive information on the advanced avionics equipment available in technically advanced aircraft (TAA).

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Aircraft Spruce carries tire pressure monitor systems

A new Wireless Tire Pressure/Temperature LCD Monitor (TPMS) is now available from Aircraft Spruce.

tpmsWith the flip of a switch, this battery-operated, hand-held unit displays the actual tire pressure and tire temperature. Small removable electronic valve sensors transmit pressure/temperature to the LCD monitor within 25-50 feet of the aircraft. The sensors can be easily removed when adding air to the tires, and when placing the sensors back on the valve stems, the new pressure readings are sent to the LCD monitor. Pressure can be read as PSI, KPA, BAR, or KG/CM squared. Temperature can be read in Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The monitor also has an alarm setting for high or low pressure.

Price: $298.95.

For more information: 877-477-7823 or

Free Miller TIG Buyer’s Guide released

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has released a free TIG Buyer’s Guide designed to help the reader make sense of the variety of AC and DC TIG options currently available and to find the best welder to fit his or her needs.

tig-buyers-guideThe guide also includes a section on how AC TIG controls affect aluminum welding, a chart that allows the reader to compare all Miller TIG welders at a glance and in-depth information on each Miller TIG welder.

The guide is available for free, either by download or by mail, by visiting the Order Literature tab at the top of the or by calling 800-4-A-Miller (800-426-4553).

Vernier throttle quadrant for sim now available

VR Aircraft has added a new push/pull vernier throttle quadrant to its range of semi-scale, single and twin engine throttle quadrants for personal computer simulators.

simThe new TQT-050 Vernier throttle quadrant uses an industrial grade screw mechanism to increase or decrease the controls precisely.

Throttle quadrants are modular, so each control can be ordered individually. The three control unit (pictured) includes an individual engine throttle, propeller pitch, and mixture control.

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Tuthill offers new line of bearings

Tuthill Controls now offers a new line of aerospace bearings, featuring self-lubricating, PTFE-lined rod end bearings and spherical bearings.

tuthillThe line of rod end bearings is available with male and female threads in wide and narrow series and is government approved to AS81935. The spherical bearings feature narrow and wide series with and without staking grooves and are government approved to AS81820.

All aerospace bearings provide an operating temperature range from -65° F to +325° F. Each series also offers several bearing models in various bore diameters, plating, ball, race, thread and other configurations.

For more information: 253-475-1080 or

MultiSump solves fuel testing dilemmas

Checking the fuel on an aircraft with multiple sumps can be messy and tedious. Sporty’s MultiSump is a fuel tester designed to increase capacity without compromising safety.

sump1Unlike a standard fuel tester, which can fill after just a couple of sumps, the MultiSump can handle eight to 10 samplings. You start out like a normal fuel tester by simply drawing a sample and inspecting it. Here’s where the MultiSump becomes useful: You can then “dump” that fuel into a lower reservoir by tipping the sample cup in any direction.

With a stainless steel push rod, no-drip pouring spout, and a quick-acting drain valve, the MultiSump can be operated with one hand.

Price: $24.95.

For more information: 800-SPORTYS or

A new way to buy parts

Sometimes the big ideas in aviation come from the simplest thoughts.

aircraftpartsexpressFor example, Ken Willaford, AI and owner of Aeromech, Inc., a maintenance facility on Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Florida, stocked lots of parts. In an effort to expand his business, he put a truck on the road as a roving parts store. But  when fuel prices started soaring, he found it wasn’t financially feasible to keep the truck, pay a driver, as well as cover the costs of travel.

But, with a good list of clients around Florida, he thought there had to be a way to service them and their customers in a more economical way.

His thinking resulted in a new business called Aircraft Parts Express, Inc. He sets up kiosks at FBOs stocked with parts that the FBO feels are the best sellers. The FBO can buy the stock or sell it to retail customers, earning a commission on items sold.

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Aerocet composite floats earn STC

The FAA has issued an STC for PA-18 SuperCubs on Aerocet 2200 straight aircraft floats.

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