Quicksilver awarded Special-LSA certificate

TEMECULA, Calif. —Quicksilver Aeronautics reached an important milestone with the receipt of an airworthiness certificate for its first-ever Special Light-Sport Aircraft. This final approval now enables the Southern California producer to begin offering ready to fly models of its aircraft.
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Quicksilver confirms large Chinese order

TEMECULA, Calif. — Quicksilver Aeronautics reports it signed a distribution agreement resulting in an order for 77 aircraft in May.

The first two aircraft are in the manufacturing process in Quicksilver’s Temecula factory and will be shipped to China for final assembly, testing, and training of Chinese technicians.

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Quicksilver earns multiple kit approvals from FAA

TEMECULA, Calif. — When Quicksilver Manufacturing became Quicksilver Aeronautics earlier this year, the ownership change triggered a requirement to prove the company’s kits meet the provisions of Experimental Amateur Built category. Quicksilver officials report that several kits received a letter of authorization from FAA.

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