University picks Remos for training


remos_4LSAs have arrived – and they are here to stay.

That’s the message from Corvin Huber, president of Remos, which just announced that FIT Aviation, LLC, a part of the Florida Institute of Technology, has added new Remos GX aircraft to its training fleet.

“This is a small step for FIT, but a large step for our industry,” he said. “An LSA has been selected for training by one of the industry greats.

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Victim in Remos GX crash identified

Authorities in Sebring, Florida, have released the identities of the two people involved in the Jan. 25 crash of a Remos GX at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo.

The passenger, who was killed in the crash, has been identified as Steven Fletcher of Peterborough, United Kingdom. The pilot has been identified as Mike Kostelac of Earlysville, Virginia. As of Jan. 27, Kostelac was listed in stable condition at a Tampa-area hospital.

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