General aviation pilots needed for safety studies

NASA is asking general aviation pilots to participate in two special studies it is conducting with the FAA based on data collected through the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), according to a report at The first is “Aviation Weather in the Cockpit and Aeronautical Information Services via Data Link,” which seeks information from pilots about incidents that occurred while they were using weather or AIS information in the cockpit. The second is a study examining wake vortex encounter events. Find out more here.

Cessna builds on safety education initiative

Cessna Aircraft Co. is building on a safety initiative started in 2011 designed to educate single engine owners on new inspection procedures. The latest effort is aimed at 100 series single-engine piston aircraft owners around the world, and informs them about new supplemental aircraft inspection procedures that will be added to 100 series Cessna service manuals.

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What is ‘safety’ all about?

By BEN COLEMAN, Safety Advisor to the Sun ’n Fun President

The subject of insurance was not very popular in my formative years. As a kid, I can recall my Dad complaining about insurance rates, especially when my older brother came of driving age. It was explained to me that insurance would pay you back if you had a wreck or got sick. I liked this “insurance” thing. Every year, you pay the insurance company money and if you have a wreck, they buy you a new car. Cool! If you don’t have a wreck, they get to keep the money. Not so cool! Not sure I like this “insurance” thing.

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