Flying the Searey

I’m retired, so officially every day is a day off. But I do a lot of writing and lately, I’ve been looking for a little more fun in my new home state of Florida. Last week, I kicked around some boat clubs and breezed through the sailboat ads. Then, my EAA chapter emailed that Searey was bringing its seaplanes to the Spruce Creek Fly-In community.

I loved the pilots-eye video of flying this most successful LSA seaplane. I wanted to know more. So I went to the company, based in “America’s Seaplane City” of Tavares, Florida.

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Why you should be a seaplane pilot


Looking for a new flying adventure? Need a Flight Review? Trying to decide what is the best way to take your flying to the next skill level or what rating to pursue next? Well, I have the answer to all of these questions: It is time for you to get a seaplane rating.

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The fun rating


Known as the fun rating, seaplane flying has an adventurous allure. Seaplane pilots venture into hard-to-reach places, such as villages in Alaska, fishing spots in Canada, Florida swamps, Amazon rivers, small bays, and Caribbean islands.

The 22nd Annual SUN ‘n FUN Seabirds Splash-In today on Lake Agnes near Fantasy of Flight was where this brotherhood gathered.

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Seaplane LSAs take off

Many have now heard that the Light-Sport Aircraft industry achieved an impressive benchmark in its first decade. As the newest aviation segment approaches its 10th birthday in the summer of 2014, airplane designers have created and gained FAA acceptance for 134 models, a pace of more than one new design every month for 10 years running. No one has claimed a more active period in worldwide aviation since 1903 witnessed the Wrights making their first flights.

Yet even within this ocean-swell of engineering, flight testing, manufacturing and marketing, the industry is gearing up for a secondary wave.

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Upgrades slated for KPTN seaway

Upgrades to the 4,500 foot seaway at the Harry P. Williams Memorial Airport (KPTN) in Patterson, Louisiana, are set to begin Nov. 4. The upgrades begin with the construction of a new, additional concrete ramp for launching and retrieval of straight float aircraft, which will be overlaid by wood for use by amphibious aircraft.

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Campground reopened at LRG

LINCOLN, Maine — The Town of Lincoln has reopened the former private aviation campground on the banks of the Penobscot River at the Lincoln Regional Airport (LRG) in Maine.

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Texas airport looks to become seaplane haven

Joey Baker says he never met a pilot who didn’t want a seaplane rating. Working off that premise, he’s hoping that Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport (SLR) in Texas will become a destination for seaplane pilots across the United States.

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Seaplane helps pilot commune with nature

Austin Watson was enamored with aviation from an early age, but it took a while for him to find the time to get his wings.

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Embracing the seaplane lifestyle

Not many people can say they pursued their seaplane rating out of necessity, but Greg Corrado from Port Orchard, Wash., can.

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Fantasy of Flight to host Splash-In

For the fifth year in a row, Fantasy of Flight will once again host the Splash-In of the 39th annual SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo, held in nearby Lakeland, Fla., April 9-14.

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