Brad Pitt buys Spitfire


The New York Daily News is reporting that actor Brad Pitt has bought a World War II-era Spitfire (like the one pictured above). According to the story, the 49-year-old actor was so inspired by his latest movie, the World War II flick “Fury,” that he purchased one of the fighter planes used by the Royal Air Force in battle. Pitt reportedly paid $3.3 million for the aircraft.

Buried Spitfires set to take to the sky

A lost squadron of Spitfires buried in Burma after World War II could fly over Britain within three years. According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, digging for the hoard of at least 36 Mark XIV fighters will begin in January at a remote airfield. Should the efforts succeed, a number of the aircraft will be carefully packaged and brought home next spring, where they will be restored.The discovery could more than double the number of Spitfires flying.