SP-400 handheld upgraded

Sporty’s SP-400 Hand-held NAV/COM has been upgraded with a new screen that features a brighter display and a glare-reducing face, [Read more...]

Turn your smartphone into a wind meter

Now your smartphone can display real-time wind readings by plugging a new compact meter from Sporty’s into your phone’s headset jack and downloading a free app.

The app gives you a clear overview of average, actual and maximum wind speed, as well as a real-time graph. [Read more...]

Breathe a sigh of relief with Sporty’s Oxygen Organizer

Storing oxygen masks, hoses, and cannulas normally ends in a big ball of bent hoses, rubber bands and weird looking connectors protruding out at odd angles. Keeping the mess contained should not have to involve buying new hoses every year, according to officials at Sporty’s

That’s why the company has come up with its Oxygen Organizer.

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Sporty’s launches Flying Club Rebate Program

Members of flying clubs will now receive a 5% rebate on any Sporty’s purchase, which will be paid to their flying clubs on a quarterly basis. There is no fee for this program, but flying clubs must register with Sporty’s.

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Sectional Charts: Not just for the cockpit

The most popular and colorful aviation charts are now available framed from Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection.

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Sporty’s IFR Communications app and video updated

Sporty’s updated IFR Communications demonstrates real-world flying and communicating in the IFR system by taking you on three separate flights in a variety of airplanes, all with the goal of improving your communication skills.

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Continue the Christmas tradition

Sporty’s Christmas Ornament is an annual tradition for pilots, flight schools, FBOs and aviation enthusiasts. The Van’s RV-12 is the star of this year’s etched crystal ornament.

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A place for everything and everything in its place…

Secure your devices in the cockpit with the new Pilot Pocket from Sporty’s.

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Sporty’s challenges NAFI

Sporty’s Pilot Shop, a long-time sponsor of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) has issued a challenge grant to NAFI: If the association can $40,000, Sporty’s would donate an additional $10,000. So far, NAFI has raised more than $35,000, officials reported earlier this month. Click here to find out more



The Sporty’s Foundation concludes successful second quarter bequests

For the second quarter of 2013, The Sporty’s Foundation made bequests in the amount of $35,498 to groups and organizations promoting youth programs, making the 2013 total to date $73,996.

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