Working together

Aspen Avionics, manufacturer of the Evolution Flight Display for general aviation pilots, and Avidyne report that certification is imminent for the interface between the Avidyne DFC90 Digital Autopilot and the Aspen Evolution Pro Primary Flight Display. [Read more…]

Flying high after the tornado


Last March 31, Mike Stewart, founder and flight lead of Team RV, and Tad Sarent, flight lead, were in the airshow briefing at Sun ’n Fun, eagerly anticipating the team’s debut at the nation’s second largest airshow.

“This was a big deal for us,” Stewart recalled. But as the briefing got underway, he got a text: One of the team’s planes was upside down, destroyed by the F1 tornado that roared through the grounds.

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A captivating scene at Sun ’n Fun


By CONNIE SUE WHITE, Flying managing editor and Sun ’n Fun Today guest writer

The scene of the Martin family relaxing Wednesday morning in the Vintage Area at Sun ’n Fun next to their just restored 1946 Fairchild, is captivating for more than one reason. A young family camping next to an antique airplane they flew nine hours from Pennsylvania to be at this year’s fly-in speaks volumes in that it is exactly what general aviation needs to see more of to survive.

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Rejuvenating General Aviation


Four years ago, Ravi the Raviator didn’t even know what CFI stood for. Now he travels the country, giving inspiration talks about how to rejuvenate aviation and increase the number of people in our community.

“It’s important to go out and fan that flame,” he said. “This is an opportunity to participate in one of humanity’s greatest achievements.”

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Say again?

Throughout his years as a musician Ravi the Raviator ran into a lot of musicians who had hearing problems — mostly the weekend warriors who played in bars. The professional musicians knew better, which is why he worked with Sennheiser to create a hearing protection package for those part-time musicians.

Once he started flying, he was surprised at the number of pilots who had suffered hearing loss. “I encountered more deaf pilots than rock and rollers,” he said.

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What is ‘safety’ all about?

By BEN COLEMAN, Safety Advisor to the Sun ’n Fun President

The subject of insurance was not very popular in my formative years. As a kid, I can recall my Dad complaining about insurance rates, especially when my older brother came of driving age. It was explained to me that insurance would pay you back if you had a wreck or got sick. I liked this “insurance” thing. Every year, you pay the insurance company money and if you have a wreck, they buy you a new car. Cool! If you don’t have a wreck, they get to keep the money. Not so cool! Not sure I like this “insurance” thing.

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Musically inclined…

Did you know that general aviation pilots are more musically inclined than the general population? According to a Sennheiser Aviation official at Sun ’n Fun today, about 48% of pilots play a musical instrument, compared to the about 5% of the general population. Rock on!

A Pioneering spirit: One of many


By CONNIE SUE WHITE, Flying magazine managing editor and SUN ’n FUN Today volunteer guest writer

At Sun ’n Fun, there are signs everywhere indicating the dedication of what has grown to a force of some 3,000 volunteers who put on a six-day event hosting an estimated 160,000 guests — from the friendly faces of those standing at the ready to greet guests and answer questions, to those driving by in golf carts on their way to their next task, to the dedications inscribed on placards strategically placed on various buildings and benches, and even the names on street signs.

One dedication in particular caught my attention when I was onsite last Saturday morning: The Sun ’n Fun Pioneers Wall outside the Florida Air Museum. Some 230 names adorn the wall, including the name of the man I was scheduled to interview — Paul Hopkins.

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