Latest episode of The Aviators honors Veterans Day

The aviation reality series, The Aviators, honors Veterans Day this month by exploring advancements in aviation during World War II, while providing an look back at Pearl Harbor in a historical context.

Episode 5.05, which is available now on iTunes, Amazon, PBS and other content providers, turns back the clock to the greatest military conflict of our time, while exploring the aircraft and aviation innovations that came as a result.

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The Aviators shines spotlight on ‘The Good Guys’


The docuseries “The Aviators,” in its fifth season, is putting the spotlight on the “good guys” in an upcoming episode, slated for airing on stations around the world this October.

Each year, altruistic pilots around the world donate their time, skills and aircraft to benefit countless people — and animals — in need. Season 5, episode 4 of The Aviators will feature a segment on three such organizations whose charitable actions fulfill an enormous humanitarian need, while fulfilling their own passion of flying.

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Wayne Boggs: Air Boss and reality television star

WayneBoggs 2

“For everyone who has ever gazed skyward.” That’s the tagline from “The Aviators,” a reality television show focusing on aviation.

Since 2010, the show has brought the wonderful world of aviation into the living rooms and laptops of thousands. Each segment is approximately five minutes in length and covers topics ranging from the life of an airshow pilot to new technology in aviation to, the number one asked question, “Can a non-pilot land an airliner?”

The brainchild of Anthony Nalli, the show premiered in 2010 on various Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) in North America. Since then, it has aired in the United States nearly 40,000 times to an average audience of 10 million PBS viewers each week. Today, the show airs in more than 100 countries, reaching no less than 50 million viewers worldwide. It is also one of the most downloaded programs at iTunes in the nonfiction TV series, second only to “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.”

As Season 5 of The Aviators kicks off, it is accompanied by a spin-off series, “Air Boss,” starring Wayne Boggs, undoubtedly the most famous air boss in the country.

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