Independence airpark balks at FAA rule

John McArdle, mayor of City of Independence (Oregon) and Gregg Del Ponte, the acting director of the Oregon Department of Aviation have both gone on the record in favor the through-the-fence agreement at Independence Airport. A story at turns the spotlight on the FAAs efforts and actions to do away with through-the-fence agreements at federally funded airports.

AOPA calling for ‘greater flexibility’ on TTF issue

AOPA has sent a letter to the FAA calling for “greater flexibility in the pending policy” regarding through-the-fence (TTF) agreements at public-use airports on a story posted today on its website. An excerpt from the story…

“In many ways, residential airparks or hangar homes can provide security and economic benefits to the airport and support an overarching goal of helping the airport become self sustaining,” said Heidi Williams, AOPA senior director of airports. “In fact, Independence Airpark in Oregon is a stellar example of the economic benefit the adjacent airpark offers in creating a self sustaining state-owned and -operated airport.

At issue are businesses and homes on private property that currently have legal access to public-use airports. Read AOPA’s story and download its whitepaper.