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There was a time when if you wanted to buy one of the many models of airplanes offered by Cessna, Beech, Piper, Mooney, Grumman and more, all it took was a short drive to a near-by airport and a respective dealer.

There you could pick from the many choices of late-model, low-time copies of your favorite. You could also easily find somebody who knew how to fix it, had no problem getting parts, and hire somebody well versed in the type to train you properly.

That was then — 40 years ago. This is now.

It’s not uncommon to have to cross the entire country to grab up that decent legacy four-place basic single. [Read more…]

Type Club celebrates the Cessna 195

C195 in flight

“You should see all the Cessna 195s!”

You hear this all the time at AirVenture when someone comes back from Vintage Aircraft Parking. Often, there are rows and rows of the high-wing taildraggers with their distinctive bumped cowls.

It’s not unusual to find multi-generational families of C195 owners camped beneath the wings of their airplanes, ready to tell you the story of the vintage machine and extol its virtues. Many will tell you they are not the owners of the airplane — they are merely its caretaker for the time being.

And don’t be surprised if you are invited to join the Cessna 195 Type Club when you visit. [Read more…]