Video: Skip Stewart in Action

Super-slow-motion aerobatics is a video trend I really enjoy. Seeing the details of the smoke and the control surface deflections is a real treat. Here’s a silent super-slo-mo from airshow pilot Skip Stewart.

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Video: Stunning Director Showreel

Eric Magnan and Airborne Films posted this video gem to Vimeo about five months ago. The close-ups, the ejection, the music and more make it a compelling 2-minutes.

Video: Oshkosh Calling

I’m still recovering from AirVenture 2014 but seeing this YouTube video (thank you Slick) makes me ready to go back…

Enjoy 5:54 from a most magical place.

Video: A thunderstorm’s impacts on air travel

When a thunderstorm hits an airport, the impact on aircraft is immediate. Here’s a great time-lapse video of that impact on the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL).

What happens when a thunderstorm hits the world's largest airport (ATL)


Bush Flying DVD released

Supersonic Productions has unveiled the first in its Excellent Aviator series of shows on DVD, “Bush Flying.”

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Video: Aircam as waterskiing tow-plane

Using an AirCam as a barefoot skier “tow-plane” is the latest in a long-line of adrenaline-fueled videos by director ‘devinsupertramp’. Which end of the rope would you prefer? [Read more...]

Video: Morning at Daybreak

Not every video needs to be “extreme” to be fun to watch. “Morning at Daybreak” from Zane Jacobson at Backcountry Pilot is a perfect example. [Read more...]

Video: Chino Warbird Airshow

Frederick A. Johnsen attended last weekend’s Chino Warbird Airshow and put together a nice video of the action. See below or on YouTube.

Video: Interesting way to pick up a flag

The inverted ribbon cut has been a staple of many airshow acts over the years. This video raises the bar (or is it now lower) greatly. Any U.S.-based act care to step up and try this?

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