FAA certifies Phenom 100

The FAA certified Embraer’s Phenom 100 very light jet on Dec. 12, just three days after it received Brazilian certification. The first one is scheduled for customer delivery within a few days.

Embraer, like Cessna, seems to have the certification procedure well in hand, along with the ability to deliver and service its products. Well ahead of deliveries the company had established a world-wide network of service centers and a U.S. assembly plant is being built at Melbourne, Fla., where Phenom 100 and the larger Phenom 300 aircraft will be completed.

The Phenom 100 is a $3.6 million VLJ described by Embraer as “an entry-level jet.”

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Eclipse says it holds liens on DayJet fleet

A group of buyers making a low bid for the former DayJet Eclipse 500 fleet has run up against two lien holders: Eclipse Aviation itself and UT Finance, a subsidiary of United Technologies which, in turn, owns Pratt & Whitney, supplier of Eclipse 500 engines.

The would-be buyer is Houston-based JetsAmerica, a management firm serving Eclipse 500 owners. JetsAmerica wants to buy the 28-aircraft DayJet fleet for $500,000 each.

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