Web cams help fight the fog

Three of the cameras at Garberville Airport.

What do you get when you combine a group of enthusiastic pilots, web technology experts, and some of the foggiest weather on the planet? If you live in Humboldt County on the north coast of California, you get web cameras at six airports to help with weather observation.

Humboldt County, located some 200 miles north of San Francisco, is known for its rugged coastline, potent marijuana, a state university, fishing and timber industries, and for the diversity of its weather. It is not unusual for the northern end of the county to be under hard IFR, while the southern end is CAVU. [Read more…]

A thunderstorm’s fury

Thunderstorms can pack a powerful punch, and flying anywhere in the vicinity of one can be deadly. But, how do you recognize and deal with convective weather? The Air Safety Institute has put a new webcast online,  “Preempting a Thunderstorm’s Fury: Cockpit Weather, ATC, and You.” In the webcast, AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and expert panelists discuss practical weather strategies beyond the basics: How are ASR and WARP different? What does the dBz scale mean to you? How do you interpret steep precipitation gradients?



AiRMET Weather website enhanced

Air Routing International (ARI) has developed customer interface enhancements, including updated weather graphics, on the AiRMET Weather website.

The AiRMET Weather website is a comprehensive weather resource for subscribers. AiRMET offers users a wide range of worldwide weather charts including looping flight level winds, infrared and visible satellite images, and significant weather charts, which are hand drawn by Air Routing’s aviation meteorologists.

Additional features include Enroute Text Weather Briefs (i.e., METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, AIREPs, PIREPs and SIGMETs), a customizable homepage, and an extensive set of aviation tools, such as a Time/Distance Calculator, Airport Data, links to foreign radar sites, volcanic ash bulletins and Solar Activity.

For more information: AirRouting.com