Writer’s Guidelines for General Aviation News

Thank you for your interest in writing for General Aviation News. We do accept freelance submissions for feature stories. All news stories are handled in house, except in rare instances. If you would like to send us news tips, that would be great. Queries for feature stories are preferred and will receive greater consideration than unsolicited manuscripts.

We prefer our writers to be pilots or in pursuit of their private pilot’s license.

Stories that work best for us are features on pilots and aircraft owners, restoration articles, Living With Your Plane articles, interesting destinations for aircraft owners/pilots, different ways pilots are using their planes (business, personal, charity, etc.), careers in GA, etc.

What we don’t want: Anything to do with airlines or military flying.


We prefer stories to be submitted via email in a word document. Stories should be single spaced with no space between the paragraphs. Do not indent paragraphs. Also, do not double space between sentences.

Space is quite limited in our publication. We prefer stories to be between 700 and 1,000 words. Longer stories will be very difficult to schedule for publication. In that vein, we also prefer short sentences. For example: If you are in the habit of using semi-colons, just put the idea into two sentences.

Put your name as you would like it to appear in a byline at the top of the story in all capitals:
example: By JANICE WOOD
If you have a nickname and would like to use it in the byline, you can put it in quotes:

Do not put your address, word count or anything else on the top of the story. Instead, include your snail mail address in the email that accompanies the story. If the story is used, I will eventually need your Social Security Number for payment purposes. You can submit this to me in the email, or if you prefer, you can call me and give it to me in person or leave it on my voice mail: 888-333-5937.

Payment is around the 15th of the month, following publication (For example, if your story appears in the October 10 issue, you can expect payment to be sent about November 15). We do not pay per word. Each story is negotiated separately. Fees start at $75 and increase as the complexity of the story increases. For example, pilot reports start at $250. However, it is quite uncommon for us to assign a pirep to a writer we are unfamiliar with. I would have to have a track record with the writer before assigning one.

All feature stories require art. Please obtain the art yourself. We run into problems when the subject of the story is charged with sending us art. They usually don’t understand the importance of art and/or meeting deadlines.

We prefer to receive digital photos at least 300 dpi. However, prints and slides are acceptable. They can be sent directly to our layout designer, Roy McGhee, Flyer Media, P.O. Box 39099, Lakewood, WA 98439. Be sure you identify which story the photos go with. Also, if you want the photos returned, let Roy know. It would aid greatly if you send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return.

Obviously in the varied world that is GA there are going to be stories and circumstances that aren’t covered by these guidelines. Feel free to call or email me at any time to discuss ideas. I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as I can. However, do NOT fax or mail me unsolicited manuscripts. I cannot guarantee a quick response on these.

It is acceptable to email me with a story idea. If I’m interested in reviewing the story, I’ll let you know. Once I review it, I will try to give you an answer as to whether we’d like to publish it or not. If the answer is no, the most likely reason would be that the subject matter or style do not fit our publication. If the answer is yes, the story will go into a backlog and will be used as space is available.

Janice Wood
General Aviation News
(888) 333-5937