Twin Commander offers two free kits to comply with AD

Twin Commander Aircraft is offering two free upgrade kits for Service Bulletin 241.

FAA Airworthiness Directive 2013-09-05 is a mandatory maintenance item for owners of Twin Commander 690/A/B models. Owners who have not yet complied with Service Bulletin 241, the AD’s compliance method, can now receive a free kit from Twin Commander Aircraft.

The kit has a value of $16,325 and includes the major components necessary to complete the service bulletin, which addresses potential cracking in the aft pressure bulkhead, company officials said.

To be eligible for a donated kit, an owner must order the kit and have it installed at one of 13 Factory Authorized Twin Commander Service Center facilities.

“Only two SB241 kits are available, so hurry to get your donated kit and upgrade your Twin Commander,” company officials said.

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