Who are they trying to kid?

Just wanted to add my two cents to your latest Letters to Editor about Bush vs. Kerry and the state of GA. Neither of the two will have a significant effect on GA. We need to focus our attention on those members who supposedly support us in Congress. They will by far impact us more than any president who happens to be in office now or in the future.

I recently read an article in another publication about an affordable airplane, the Liberty XL2 starting out at $139,900, and almost fell out of my chair with the word affordable!

Who are we trying to kid? I’ve been in aviation for 20 years and if that is affordable, then would someone explain to me how? Add up the payment, insurance, hangar, maintenance, fuel — I don’t see that being affordable. Until this changes and someone can build a truly affordable airplane with at least Cessna 172 performance and capabilities at the affordable price of $65,000, we are a long way from affordable to the masses. The above does not include the new Sport Pilot airplanes as they are in most cases too severely limited in their capabilities and thus not worth the price they want for them either!

General aviation needs a major price reduction for any kind of rebound of substance. Right now the only affordable aviation still lies with the homebuilt market.

David Staffeldt
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