Want to own a piece of the Concorde?

Just a year ago, a Hungarian businessman paid £320,000 for a Concorde nosecone at a Bonhams Auction. Now the only remaining “”spare”” flown nosecone is up for sale on eBay with a reserve of just £24,500 pounds — less than 10% of last year’s winning price.

The eBay nosecone is believed to be the last one available for purchase by a private individual. The other three spares were auctioned off by Bonhams and the rest are attached to aircraft in museums.

A year after its last flight, there are still parts of the Concorde to be had, but prices have come down from the heights of last year, notes Nick Bloomer, managing director of Concorde Collectables.

But what will the new owner do with a nosecone?

“”We’ve decorated the one on our website as a supersonic Christmas tree, but we expect this nosecone will probably end up as a unique centerpiece in the reception area of a large home or business.””

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