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I’m a GA mechanic in southeastern Ohio and I work for an outfit that owns two PA-28-181 Archer IIIs, a 1995 model and a 1996 model. Both are equipped with a Lycoming O-360-A4M and a 10-5193 carburetor. The most recent revision to the TCDS 2A13 shows a specific requirement for a 10-6102 carburetor for that airframe model and serial number. But earlier revisions called for a 10-5193 carburetor. The change occurred in February of 2004.

I would like to get the word out to as many A&P/IAs as possible about this change. Many of them may be unaware of the change since it is only indicated in the revision, not through an AD or SB. We are currently trying to resolve this with our FSDO and Piper.

I don’t need to tell you how important it is when signing the logs after an inspection that the airframe/engine/appliance conforms to the TCDS. I’m told by the carburetor manufacturer that the carbs are essentially the same. But the TCDS is quite specific and I’m required to conform to it.

Todd McGuire
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