Growing the next generation

I read the articles on youth in aviation in your Dec. 10 edition with interest. I especially enjoyed the five tips on being an ambassador from Mr. Larkins and his point that the education needs to be ongoing.

In the 20 years I have been instructing I have flown with many young people on “intro flights” who were too young to fly, but given the opportunity, would have jumped at the chance to take lessons. Because of the age limitation, I didn’t cultivate them.

I have changed my ways. I started flying with a 12 year old two years ago on a monthly schedule. When we started I searched for written materials that would correspond to his elongated flight schedule. I found nothing, so I created my own. My Youth Pilot Training Program consists of 12 “workbooks” presented in a three-ring binder. The workbooks correspond to a logical progression of training as required by FAR Part 61.87, “Solo Requirements for Student Pilots.” There are questions at the end of each book. I started another student on the program three months ago. The workbooks come back for discussion and review after a month dog-eared and with notes throughout.

Cleo Chamberlain
Rodeo, N.M.

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