ATG working on first flight details

Meanwhile, another Englewood, Colo.-based company in the personal jet business, Aviation Technology Group, is working with the FAA to hammer out details for the first flight of the Javelin Executive Jet.

In the last two months, engineers and mechanics have reached many milestones in building the Javelin. The fuel tank, ejection seats and landing gear were assembled and fitted to the plane, and the prototype was painted with primer coat. Recently, the mechanics conducted a series of tests. The engine was motored on both internal batteries and an external power cart, the starting system was powered up and tested, and the main power distributor, voltmeter and external power control were turned on and tested. All tests were successful. Engineers and mechanics are now completing final assembly before the plane is taken apart and shipped to the testing site. ATG Flight Operation team will then begin final testing and preparation for the first flight.

The company also has expanded its headquarters at Centennial Airport to make room for research and development facilities for the jet.

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