Garmin unveils the first ready-to-fly PDA

Garmin International Inc. has released its IQue3600a, the first Palm Powered aviation device that is ready to navigate right out of the box.

The iQue 3600a package includes a yoke-mounted cradle, as well as built-in basemap, terrain, obstacle and Jeppesen databases. The device features all of the automotive turn-by-turn capabilities and personal information management applications of Garmin’s popular iQue product line, making it a highly versatile device for aviation enthusiasts.

“It’s like flying with a portable MFD,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s director of marketing.

The iQue 3600a has a patented GPS antenna design that folds discreetly into the back of the unit.  Once released from this locked position, the antenna immediately begins acquiring satellite signals.

Price: $1,099.

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