Make oil filter changes a snap

Approach Aviation has released its new “Auto Torque” Oil Filter Wrench.

This new tool makes oil filter changes a simple process and ensures accuracy when installing a new oil filter. The professional quality, heavy duty box-end wrench has a built-in ratcheting mechanism and a pre-set torque arm. It is sized for all standard general aviation aircraft oil filters and has a solid lever-arm with a knurled grip to make oil filter removal a snap.

The wrench is compact for areas of limited access and can easily fit on filters in tightly cowled aircraft. Once a new filter is ready for installation, the wrench can be reversed for ratcheting the filter back into place. When the pre-set torque limit of 17 ft/lbs is reached, the user will feel a slight “break” or “click” in the handle. No other torque tools are required.

Introductory retail price is $39.95. For more information: 877-564-4457.

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