Need a coach to see you through buying an airplane?

Purchasing an airplane can be a complicated process, one that drives away many prospective buyers. That’s why AvCoach was formed.

Based in Oxford, Conn., AvCoach is a consulting/coaching firm that helps guide potential airplane owners through a potentially intimidating process.

“Our goal is to find out what the client’s expectations are and then match those expectations and dreams with the appropriate aircraft, not to sell them a specific product,” said Chris Carmen, president of AvCoach. “Purchasing an aircraft is a discovery process; it should be fun and exciting, not frustrating.”

Before AvCoach discusses a specific aircraft, the principals talk with a client about goals and expectations, provide cost information and financing options and offer insight into the advantages of private ownership.

“We are totally objective. We are here to educate, not sell,” Carman said. “There is no timeline on a decision and no cost to the client.”


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