Ranger Jet rebuilding from Charlie

Ranger Jet Center, an FBO at Florida’s Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM), is rapidly rebuilding facilities destroyed by Hurricane Charley.

Despite the loss of more than 30,000 square feet of hangar space, Ranger is building back 42,000 square feet of new corporate aircraft storage space, which is scheduled for completion in mid-March. Ranger also is in the early stages of building three new hangars and a 60,000-square-foot private terminal facility. The airport is also rebuilding, adding new roadways and putting in an additional 200,000 square feet of ramp space on the west side of the airfield. During the summer, the airport’s main runway was completely resurfaced and repainted to accommodate the Precision Instrument Landing System (ILS) scheduled to be online in early 2005. The runway refurbishment will enable aircraft to operate at heavier weights, which should contribute to increased operations this year.

ISM, located just eight miles from Walt Disney World, is home to five FBOs, a Warbird Museum, P-51 Mustang pilot training and T-6 Warbird Adventure flights, as well as an industrial park.


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