AvFab receives STC for King Air 300 & 350 commuter seats

Aviation Fabricators (AvFab) has received STC approval for the manufacture of King Air 300 and 350 Commuter Seats.

The company, which specializes in the manufacture and repair of aircraft interior seating and components, already holds the Commuter Seat STC for the King Air 90, 100 and 200 series aircraft.

AvFab has engineered its commuter seat design to eliminate the need for repairs or maintenance in response to those owners who have had trouble with the durability of other commuter seats. AvFab includes a five-year parts and labor warranty at no extra cost.

No airframe modification is required, other than removing the existing seats and furnishings and sliding the new seats into the existing seat rails. Complete installation instructions, diagrams and weight and balance are included with each kit. The seats come painted, but can be fitted with foam and upholstery for an additional fee.

For more information: 660-885-8317.

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