Seaplane Pilots’ Code of Conduct released

A recently released Seaplane Pilots’ Model Code of Conduct presents industry wisdom, advice and recommendations for seaplane pilots to improve airmanship and flight safety, as well as sustain and improve the seaplane community.

Released by the same folks who put together the Aviators’ Model Code of Conduct, the seaplane code is a voluntary, ethical code that presents diverse principles covering items such as general responsibilities, care of passengers, training, security, environmental issues and technology.

Responsible for drafting the code were Michael S. Baum, a principal with SecureAv; Robert Curtis, field director of the Seaplane Pilots Association; Dale DeRemer, professor emeritus at the University of North Dakota; Ray Hawco, founder of the Avalon Float Plane Association; David Wiley, founder of the Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association; and Walter Windus, vice president of the Seaplane Pilots Association.

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