Sensenich introduces new ground adjustable prop

After five years of research, development and testing, Sensenich has introduced a new ground adjustable composite propeller. Designed with an EZ-pitch hub, the high performance prop promises improved performance on Rotax-powered 912 and 914 series aircraft.

The new props are manufactured hollow, utilizing the latest carbon fiber, prepreg fabrics in a high temperature, internal pressure molded system. This production process yields a low inertia propeller with superior performance and durability.

The prop is designed with a swept blade planform for maximum propeller efficiency. Its EZ-pitch hub features a pitch cam that will rotate each blade when the hub halves are loosened. No protractor is required.

The ground adjustable propeller is available in 66 to 70 inch diameters. It comes with or without a co-cured nickel leading edge. For more information: 813-752-3711.

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