Aspen Avionics AT300 Hazard Display now shipping

The AT300 Hazard Awareness Display, providing affordable terrain and moving map multifunction display capability to general aviation aircraft owners, has entered full rate production and is being shipped to Aspen Avionics dealers.

The AT300 provides full-color moving map multifunction display (MFD) technology in a standard 3-inch instrument format. Designed to replace a legacy VSI, it includes a vertical speed indicator as part of its multifunction display, allowing it to be installed in even the most crowded aircraft instrument panel. The system employs an integral terrain database and software algorithms to render a detailed, TAWS-like terrain moving map to alert the pilot to areas of potentially hazardous terrain and/or man-made obstacles along the flight path.

The AT300 can be installed without requiring replacement or relocation of any of the other existing avionic systems (other than the legacy vertical speed indicator), or any structural modifications of the instrument panel.

Retail pricing of the non-certified AT300 has been set at $3,495.

The AT300 certification effort, which was initiated late last year, is proceeding on schedule. Certification is expected later this summer. Price of the certified display will be $3,995.

For more information: 505-856-5034.

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