Parks and Planes do share space

In the Dec. 10, 2004, issue, Meg Godlewski noted the city of Chicago’s director of planning and development had stated that “There are no parks where airstrips are a compatible use” (“Can planes and parks share space?”) This again shows the ignorance of the Chicago political machine. Several times a year, in the summer, I would fly myself and family or friends to Meigs Field from Cincinnati. Why? Meigs Field made it very convenient — Reds vs. Cubs, shopping for the wife, etc.

Well, I no longer go to Chicago! Now I go to Kentucky State Parks with (compatible) airstrips. Instead of Chicago for the July 4th weekend, we went to Rough River State Park (Airport Id: 2I3). The state park is southwest of Louisville and operates its own airstrip. The state park with compatible airstrip has lodging, cabins, camping, golf course, tennis, swimming pool, hiking trails, marina, boat rental and a lake you can actually swim in.

Yes, parks and airstrips are very compatible. This summer since Meigs is closed we’ll go back to Rough River State Park and we are going to Lake Barkley State Park (Airport Id: 1M9). Yes this state park also operates its own park compatible airstrip, just north of land between the lakes. Parks and airstrips are very compatible.

Meigs made Chicago a fun destination for the average GA pilot. With Meigs gone, these state parks with airstrips are now getting my summer business. But the citizens of Chicago should not fret, Mayor Daley closed an infamous airstrip, which brought revenue to the city, to build a park. A park, which in five years will provide a hangout for the gangs, space for the drug dealers to do their tax-free business and a home for the homeless. I look forward to Meigs reopening around 2015.

Richard Byrne
Cincinnati, Ohio

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