Can’t find a hangar? You’re not alone

A new study of hangars at general aviation airports within 30 miles of Class B airports has found that almost all GA T-hangars are filled — and most airports have a long waiting list.

The study, by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and ARM Aerospace, found that occupancy rates for T-hangars at GA airports is about 98%. The typical number of people on waiting lists exceeds current hangar inventory by 42%.

Monthly hangar rents at the 103 airports responding to the study range from a low of $129 (in Hawaii) to a high of $565 (in the Southwest), with a national average of $284. About 86% of airport managers responding anticipate an increase in rental rates in the near future.

Approximately 48% of GA hangars have interior ceiling heights of 15 feet or more, which would allow installation of an Aero-Lift, a device made by Arm Aerospace that doubles hangar space by lifting one aircraft above the other, ARM officials noted.

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