State tax guide for GA available

Conklin & de Decker has released the 2005 State Tax Guide for General Aviation, which covers taxes and fees imposed on GA in all 50 states.

The guide shows how sales and use taxes apply to aircraft sales, ownership, leases, parts and labor. Also, common exemptions from sales and use taxes are explored, such as common carrier, occasional sales, fly-away and trade-in credits. Registration fees, personal property taxes, jet fuel and aviation gasoline taxes are included as well. Contact information for the Departments of Revenue and Aviation in each state also is provided.

An important feature of the guide, which is on CD ROM, is the ability to download state tax updates as they occur from the Conklin & de Decker website. As a majority of state legislatures are only in session for a few months a year, this can cause rapid changes in tax laws. Users of the software can continuously check for updates by clicking on the “download updates” button.

A one-year subscription is $250 and includes the CD ROM and updates throughout the year.

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