The servant and master

Being new to GA and old to NRA, I support learning from the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action (To create a powerhouse GA, model the NRA, Jan. 28 issue). NRA has proven repeatedly that gun control only works on well-behaved citizens. Poorly-behaved citizens do whatever they want, to whomever they want. The knee-jerk reaction at every opportunity comes from the elitist oppressors, not the oppressed.

AOPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) will ensure that government remembers that it is merely a servant, and that the people are the masters. This is a country where “those in authority over you” are the people, armed (“have the sword”) to enforce their own freedom. It will define rights vs. privileges. It will ensure that the air belongs first to God, then to the people, not their servants.

Do you trust those careerists (systemites) in government? Haven’t you also seen that your fellow citizens will sell you out in fear of them? Some of your fellow citizens are afraid of their own liberty, so they fear you having any. They worship the servant and restrictions. They esteem those who choose not to work like you do, but to spend their time minding everyone else’s business and living off of them by fining and taxes. They don’t want the risk of commerce and competition.

We’re not going to arm GA planes, so don’t fear using the ILA as a model. The AOPA PAC will simply ensure your servants continue to realize, and not forget, that you — the citizen — are in charge; that they are no more than hired help, and that the boss (us) sets the rules.  PAC will help keep them off of our backs and out of our privacy.

It’s about your rights. Anyone opposed to rights and privacy should seek life elsewhere, or keep to themselves. In the end, that’s what the Second Amendment is all about.

Jeff Christie
Visalia, Calif.

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