FlightPrep.com showcases new product features

FlightPrep.com will showcase new product features during Sun ‘n Fun.

ChartCase Professional now features Moving Approach Plates. A GPS receiver sends position information to the ChartCase Professional software. Aircraft position is displayed right on top of the approach plate. This is a tremendous improvement for situational awareness, company officials claim. ChartCase Professional also includes Moving Map on all charts.

ChartCase Professional includes a full year of updates revised each 28 days and mailed directly to the subscriber. Prices start under $350.

The company’s newest software offering is Golden Eagle Plus. “Last spring we partnered with CSC DUATS and introduced Golden Eagle FlightPrep to thousands of new users,” said Kyle Everson, CEO and president. “Over the past year, our users provided many valuable suggestions on how to improve the program and offer new value. So it just made sense to start with Golden Eagle FlightPrep and add the new features users requested.”

Along with basic flight planning and weather briefing, pilots can define their own weather overlays on the charts, he noted. Graphical METAR, wind depiction, temperature and dew point spreads enable pilots to determine weather en route and make adjustments to their plans. It includes Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) and World Aeronautical Charts (WAC) for the 48 states and Caribbean. Other functions include weight and balance, altitude comparisons for best time based on winds, as well as user defined window layouts so you can personalize the system.

Golden Eagle Plus includes a full year of updates revised each 28 days and mailed directly to the subscriber. Introductory pricing is $99.95 annually.

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