Premier Air Center receives STC for Falcon 20 Universal EFI-890R flat panel

Premier Air Center has received an STC to install the Universal Avionics EFI-890R Flat Panel for all models of Dassault Falcon 20 Aircraft. The new Falcon 20 STC is certified under FAA Part 25 for approach and landing.

The Universal EFI-890R Electronic Flight Instrument modernizes the Falcon 20 flight deck by offering advanced, large-format 8.9-inch diagonal Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display for Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Navigation Display (ND).

“This is the first flat panel system built for existing flight decks,” stated Lamont Durante, director avionics sales and programs. “It integrates with most existing systems, including the autopilot, radar, TAWS and FMS.”

This certification package includes Universal Avionics’ Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System, which enhances pilot situational awareness by providing an advanced dynamic terrain image integrated with the flight plan and projected flight path of the aircraft. Vision-1 allows the pilot to “see” the terrain ahead in 3-D while monitoring flight instruments.

For more information: 800-922-2421.

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