Bilsom upgrades radio earmuffs

Bilsom has upgraded its Radio and Electo radio earmuffs to include both AM and FM capability. The earmuffs feature an external switch to make it easy for users to select the desired frequency band, and the Electo model is available in both headband and cap-mounted versions.

In addition to an AM/FM radio, the Electo model allows wearers to hear important communications, such as coworkers, alarms and other warning signals, at a safely amplified level, while listening to the radio.

Directionally positioned microphones provide more natural hearing. Electo amplifies incoming sounds to 82 dB, then acts as a passive earmuff for sounds above 82 dB.

Radio earmuffs provide an easy-to-access radio volume control, while the Electo line offers independent volume controls that allow radio and sound amplification volumes to be controlled separately so wearers can customize the radio/outside noise balance. Both models provide a limitation feature to ensure that the sound level does not exceed 82 dB.

For more information: 800-430-5490.

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