Lancair Certified Aircraft launches new website

Lancair certified aircraft launched its redesigned website,, April 1.

The site provides up-to-date content on all aspects of the high performance Columbia 350 and 400 certified aircraft. In addition to expected features, the new site also includes provisions to download images of the aircraft, as well as complete pilot information manuals for each model.

The Lancair Co. selected the new web address, or URL, to help distinguish its Columbia line of certified aircraft from the well-known kit aircraft line also sold under the Lancair name. Though both are known as Lancairs, the certified and kit aircraft are built by different companies.

“We’ve heard many people express confusion about the difference between the certified and kit aircraft,” said Randy Bolinger, vice president marketing and sales. “This is one of a series of measures planned for this year to help further distinguish between the two companies and their products. We believe will be easy for people to recall.”

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