Next generation of automated weather unveiled

Coming soon to an airport near you (maybe): the Automated Weather Sensor System.

“It’s the next generation in FAA-approved automated weather systems,” explains Ralph Petragnani, director of marketing and sales for All Weather, Inc., the Sacramento, Calif.-based company that makes the unit, which was designed in conjunction with the FAA. “Think of it like a software upgrade for your computer. After you install the new software, your computer runs faster and smoother.”

According to Petragnani, the unit uses National Weather Service ASOS algorithms for data processing and distribution. This ensures rapid and accurate collection and processing of critical weather measurements.

The system provides minute-by-minute weather observations using a wide variety of sensor options, from forward scatter visibility sensors and laser ceilometers, to present weather sensors and freezing rain indicators.

The first unit was tested and commissioned at Illinois’ Bloomington Airport (BMI).

“There is also one in Hawaii,” he said, adding that future installations depend on requests made to the FAA. “It is my understanding that airport managers will have to petition the FAA for the installation of the AWSS at their airport,” he said.

“It is designed for airports that don’t already have weather reporting capability.”

Check your local airport facilities directory for frequency information.

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