Scare birds away for good

Bird-X’s newest product, BroadBand PRO, targets pest birds with an unrelenting combination of four different sound types: distress cries to indicate danger to pigeons, starlings, gulls and more; predator cries, like falcons and hawks, to add realism; general harassments for an all-bird defense; and ultrasonic waves to guard day and night.

Its development is based on 40 years of success with sonic repellers that featured one of the four types, but this is the first machine to combine them all, say company officials.

BroadBand PRO sound waves move from speaker to speaker for a constant, menacing defense. This powerful sound attack forces birds to leave for good, yet it’s harmless to the birds and the environment. Surround sound directional speakers are separate from the control box to offer greatest all-around flexibility.

The units also include three visual scares to frighten birds in a multi-sensory assault: Irri-Tape iridescent holographic ribbon; Terror Eyes holographic eye repeller; and Prowler Owl realistic aerofoil-wing predator.

One unit covers up to 10,000 square feet.

Price: $750.

For more information: 800-662-5021.

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