Aviat improves Husky aileron/flap configuration

In a move designed to enhance responsiveness, smoothness and safety, Aviat Aircraft has created a new aileron/flap combination on its Husky aircraft. The change is standard for all 2005 production.

Ailerons now feature a shorter span and deeper chord, which produces a more rapid roll rate, less adverse yaw and lower stick pressure. With dynamic and mass balancing designed into the refined ailerons, spades have been eliminated and the roll rate has increased from 20°/second to 30. Previously, rolling a Husky from a 30° left bank into a 30° right turn without using any rudder used to displace the turn coordinator ball 1.5 increments. That displacement is now only .5 increments, which means that coordinated turns can be effectuated with minimal use of any rudder. At 1.2 Vso (approximately 60 mph) the stick force has been reduced from 5.5 pounds to 3.5 pounds, providing smoother turns during landing approaches and turns about a point.

Pilot fatigue is significantly reduced because of the lighter stick force pressures and the minimum need for rudder inputs, resulting from the new design aileron, Aviat officials say.

Flaps, which are still semi-Fowler slotted flaps, are longer in span, making them more effective in descent. At gross weight, flying 1.2 Vso, the old system allowed the Husky to descend at 550 fpm. The new system increases descent to 880 fpm which will, in most cases, eliminate the need to slip. It also allows for shorter landings and takeoffs.

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