Company offers guaranteed instrument rating

Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training of Newport Beach is continuing its guarantee of all training courses.

Begun about 18 months ago, the guarantee ensures that all clients will be “safe, proficient and confident IFR pilots,” said Tony Montalte, general manager. If a client needs additional training to complete the course, it will be done at no additional training cost, he said.

The company’s instrument flight instructors have an average of 8,000 hours, including 2,000 hours instrument time. Clients are interviewed prior to training to customize the course to individual needs, he said. The course usually takes 10 days. If a client finishes the course in less time, he is not charged for the remaining days.

AFIT has senior instructors located across the United States, with heavy concentrations in California, Texas, Florida and throughout the Midwest specializing in high performance aircraft.

For more information: 866-270-8224.

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