Land near WA airport considered for NASCAR track

The International Speedway Corp. is reportedly eyeing property south of Bremerton International Airport (PWT) in western Washington as a location for a track large enough to host NASCAR events.

“We have been on their radar screen since 2003, but they have not made a proposal,” said Terrie Battuello, public information officer for Kitsap County.

On April 21 Kitsap County Commissioners met with officials from the ISC behind closed doors to discuss the issue. For the past three years, the ISC has been searching for a Pacific Northwest venue. The ISC wants at least 600 acres of land in a location within 50 miles of a major city, such as Seattle or Portland.

Last year a proposal to build a track near the Arlington Municipal Airport (AWO) in Snohomish County, Wash., was rejected because of a lack of community support. The airport is a popular training field and hosts the Northwest EAA Fly-In in July. Pilots expressed concerns about the impact of Temporary Flight Restrictions on race days. Non-aviation citizens opposed the track because of concerns about traffic congestion and an increase in taxes that would be required to pay for the 850-acre venue, which was estimated to cost $250 million to build.

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