New Cessna Center planned for Sun ‘n Fun campus

Cessna will build a permanent facility on the Sun ‘n Fun campus.

The Cessna Center, which will be built with a $200,000 donation from The Cessna Foundation, will be used for Sun ‘n Fun’s year-round education programs, an essential element in bringing more young people into aviation, said Jack Pelton, Cessna’s president. During the annual fly-in, the building will be used as Cessna’s exhibit area, he explained.

“This is a real red-letter day for Sun ‘n Fun,” said John Burton, Sun ‘n Fun president.

“This is a dream come true,” echoed Bill Eickhoff, Sun ‘n Fun chairman. “This will take us to another arena.”

The 2,400-square-foot facility will have two conference rooms that can be used as classrooms, a kitchen, restrooms, an open area and a customer support area. The building, expected to be complete before next year’s fly-in, will give students the chance to have ground school right on the airport, Eickhoff said, noting that’s much better than having it in an office building. “Hopefully lots of young pilots will be coming out of this facility,” he concluded.

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