New visual warning system operational for D.C.

A new visual warning system (VWS) for the Washington, D.C. ADIZ becomes operational May 21.

The VWS is a ground-based system that uses low-level beams of alternating red and green lasers designed to alert pilots that they have violated the ADIZ or flight restricted zone (FRZ). Pilots who see this signal should immediately contact ATC on an appropriate local frequency or 121.5 and exit the ADIZ airspace.

Liberty Aerospace, manufacturer of the XL2, will lease more than 52,000 square feet at Melbourne International Airport (MLB) in Florida for its new manufacturing facility.

The company plans to produce up to six aircraft a week, according to Anthony Tiarks, president and CEO. Customer deliveries are slated to begin this spring.

Meanwhile, the company has chosen Florida Institute of Technology to provide transition training for its customers. The university’s subsidiary, FIT Aviation LLC, will develop a curriculum and provide training at its center at MLB.

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