NVision Laser Scanner scans shiny surfaces to 8 microinches

NVision’s recently released ModelMaker Z laser scanner offers shiny surface scanning capabilities down to 8 microinches. Conventional laser scanners have difficulty scanning shiny machined surfaces because the surface scatters the laser beam, confusing the sensor that records the position of the surface. The ModelMaker Z overcomes this problem with new features that adaptively change the laser intensity and camera sensitivity based on operating conditions.

Laser scanners improve on the capabilities of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other contact measuring devices through their ability to capture tens of thousands of points per second, greatly increasing the accuracy and speed with which surfaces can be inspected or reverse-engineered. But the nature of the scanning process has always created difficulties when scanning shiny surfaces.

The ModelMaker Z eliminates this problem by providing new technology that improves performance in difficult-to-scan surfaces. The ModelMaker System comprises a portable CMM, to which a 3D laser sensor is attached, a PC and dedicated ModelMaker Software that extracts, displays, manipulates and exports the data. The three sensors that make up the ModelMaker Z range capture over 23,000 points per second and the available stripe widths of 35mm, 70 mm and 140 mm.

For more information: 817-749-0050.

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