Chelton’s EFIS software achieves Level A

Chelton Flight Systems EFIS Primary Flight Display has achieved Level A, the highest level of software standards established for the FAA.

The FAA has established five levels of criticality (DO-178B) in software design assurance designated as level E through level A, which vary according to the importance of the instrument as it relates to the safety of the aircraft. In complying with the criteria for Level A, the software must do everything it’s supposed to do, and nothing it is not supposed to do.

In addition to Level A Certification, Chelton elected to submit a number of functional enhancements in the software upgrade from 5.0A to 5.0B. With this new software approval, Chelton has secured an FAA approval of TSO authorization and STC amendment for individual models of piston and turbine aircraft. The STC amendment for EFIS installation in rotorcraft is also in motion.

For more information: 208-389-9959.

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