New book traces history of Wings Field

The first controllable powered flight might have occurred at Kitty Hawk, but much of aviation’s progress took place at Wings Field, a small airport near Philadelphia that is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

Airport lighting used the world over began in a small shop at Wings. A device that helped Navy pilots avoid accidents was developed there. The first navigation radios for small aircraft were tested and manufactured on the field. The autogiro, forerunner of the helicopter, was tested and flown at the airport.

These and more facts about Wings Field are recounted in a new book call “Wings Field Autobiography.”

The “autobiography” was written by Charles Spence, GAN’s Washington, D.C. correspondent. The book includes 131 photographs recalling life at one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the United States.

The book is available online at and through Price is $28.

For more information: 215-646-0400.

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