New feature on Sporty’s E6Bs

Sporty’s has added a required rate of climb function to its line of popular E6B flight computers. The new function is currently available on the Electronic E6B and the Palm E6B. The function will be available on the flat E6B within a year.

Now pilots can decipher departure procedure climb requirements with ease. Simply enter your groundspeed and the required climb rate in ft/nm as denoted on the chart, and the E6B provides the minimum required climb rate in ft/min. Measure your performance directly against the VSI with no need to consult the hard-to-find rate of climb table in the approach chart book.

The function also will provide the climb gradient, a useful feature for pilots of high performance and turbine aircraft.

Price is $59.95, and $69.95 for the flat E6B. Software for the Palm E6B is available for $19.95 and can be downloaded at

For more information: 800-SPORTYS.

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