Pilots unite

Congratulations to GANews on your articles in the April 8th issue on the increasing dangers to airports due to encroachment. It is a nationwide issue and pilots must pay attention and get involved now, or find themselves without an airport to use.

While the nationwide aviation organizations do an excellent job, they cannot do it all. We must act and take responsibility for our own destiny. I believe that the new airport support model is a three part strategy that includes the following pieces: 1. Local pilots/airport group; 2. statewide pilot/airports group; and 3. nationwide pilots/aviation group. Further, as pilots and/or pro-aviation individuals, we must maintain memberships in all three groups.

Local groups have the best chance of understanding what the issues are, and can move quickly on them (if they are organized). The statewide organization is able to provide guidance to local groups and help them organize themselves. The statewide organization has the knowledge and experience to address the issues that the local groups cannot. The nationwide groups bring their expertise and political clout to the national and statewide level when/as required and are no longer required to participate in reactionary fire drills. Unfortunately, as a group, we pilots do not communicate very well. This must change; the three groups as described above must communicate and cooperate. All aviation groups have to work closer with each other, and ALL pilots must join in the fight or face the possibility of losing their rights in the future.

Ed Rosiak
Newsletter Editor
California Pilots Association

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